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Casa de Lis is Ideal for Small Group Workshops and Retreats


The layout and location of the house is ideal for anyone who wishes to host their own small workshop/retreat. Downstairs there is an en-suite twin bedroom, two further twin bedrooms with shared terrace and a family bathroom. This area would be ideal sleeping accommodation for your guests. Upstairs, there is an en-suite double bedroom with terrace – this facility would allow you privacy whilst giving you easy access to the kitchen and sitting room for those early morning pre-workshop preparations.The sitting room is 7.6 x 4.2 sq.metres and the furniture can be re-arranged to suit your requirements.


At the side of the house with views over the village and river, there is a large area of decking in the garden for activities such as pilates, yoga, art and photography.  Next to the decking there is also a built in seated area.


For further information regarding facilities please view the description of the property or use the contact form.

Here are just a few examples of workshops that would attract revenue for your business.


Holistic Therapies

Dornes has long been renowned for its special energy and this has been documented in a book by the Brazilian author, Joseph Netto Trigueirinho. The book, entitled ‘Ressurgimento de Fatima -Lis’ , or, translated into English, ‘The Resurgence of Fatima-Lis’ , is widely available in Portuguese but it has not yet been published in the English language.

‘Lis’ is one of the seven principal planetary centres that are active at this time and Fatima, a city in Portugal, is one of the places where the projection of the planetary centre of’ Lis’ occurred. In ‘Lis’, energy is pure, light and liberating. From the principal of the centre of ‘Lis’ the energy expands into a circle that goes to Lourdes and Medjugorje in Bosnia.

Below is an extract from his book. The Lake he refers to therein is in Dornes.

“Whenever the inner connection with Lis-Fatima emerges in my being, a state of peace and purity comes over me, represented by a certain lake in Portugal. However, when attunement with another plane of that same centre takes place, the impression is different, for an intense and rapid movement of energy is felt, a movement that has within itself profound order, a basis for future manifestations. There are places on the surface of the planet that maintain a direct energy relationship with this centre of Lis-Fatima. Those who, on the physical plane truly need to arrive at some area connected with one of the intraterrestrial centres will certainly be led there.”  











Art/Photographic Workshops

The location of the house offers panoramic views of the village, the river and hillsides that are home to eucalyptus, olive and pine trees. The narrow cobbled lanes, oozing with charm, offer the workshop host a varied choice of subject matter, ranging from characterful rooftops to the medieval pentagonal tower and, of course, the river beach which is home to traditional Portuguese boats, many of which are handmade in the village. Character studies are just one other medium worth consideration. There are some wonderful local people who would probably welcome the opportunity to participate in such a workshop. For a taster of the creative potential of workshops in Dornes please go to


Residential Language Classes

The fastest way to learn a language is total immersion. If you hold formal qualifications in language teaching why not take the opportunity to host 6 students for a week’s intensive learning in relaxed and peaceful surroundings. It is amazing how quickly they learn when they are ‘living the language’ every waking moment.


Basic Terms and Conditions

Note, the supply of any specialist equipment required for your workshop is the responsibility of the workshop host or we can request that our on site manager sources these for you locally at your cost.

Art Workshop
Yoga Retreat
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